“The LFT Workplace has been a valuable resource for me as I strive to improve my own knowledge and the effectiveness of my team.  I’ve been able to upload clips of my own team and receive critical evaluations from peers regarding our strengths and weaknesses. A conversation developed about what it is I’m trying to implement versus what they observe and how they would coach against us. This process allowed me to see flaws and strengths from different perspectives which I otherwise would not have recognised and bounce ideas around about practice development to make improvements. The network of valuable feedback and opinions has been extremely worthwhile.”

Britt Broady
Head Coach UC Davis

 "Left Field Thinking on Workplace is a truly different way for coaches to share and discuss the full spectrum of coaching skills. With information and content on tactics, technical skills and coaching craft members interact with vibrant conversations."

Nick Davey
Director of Hockey Sedbergh School

“Left Field Thinking has been a great place to connect coaches from different backgrounds and environments together. It's great for stimulating discussion and exploring a variety of topics. Helping me to develop as a coach and solve problems within my own coaching.”


Rob Farrington
England Hockey DiSE Coach

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